Made in Kuwait, with local hands, local creativity and lots of thought and care.


Lialy Line is a distinguished Kuwaiti brand in women's lingerie and dresses. Order directly through our website, and acquire the opportunity to get high-end products that suit you and your distinct taste.

Latest collection

Autumn Night

151.040 د.ب.‏

Mini Doll

112.640 د.ب.‏

Doll (Offwhite)

161.280 د.ب.‏

Lace Princess Black

108.800 د.ب.‏

Lialy's Angel

140.800 د.ب.‏

Adore Me

160.000 د.ب.‏

First Lady

160.000 د.ب.‏

Gorgeous (Nude)

198.400 د.ب.‏


140.800 د.ب.‏

Al Zain

166.400 د.ب.‏

Bohemian Princess

163.840 د.ب.‏

Her Majesty

160.000 د.ب.‏

Designed by the outstanding Kuwaiti designer Layali Al-Azmi

Layali Al-Azmi